Latest Collection of Dubai Designer Abaya Styles 2016

Trendy Abaya Design for Stylish Girls

Abaya is the part of the Islamic dress code. All the Muslim women prefer to wear the abaya for going outside. Even abaya is included in the bridal’s marriage dresses and also shown to other people as a cultural ritual. The reasons are numerous to count: firstly abaya protects you form the immoral or evil eyes, secondly your body figure will not be prominent in abaya, and thirdly you feel…


Stylish Abaya Designs for Women’s Beauty

Amazing White and Black Color Abaya Design

In Islamic countries abaya is essential for every woman therefore every year a variety of new and stylish abaya designs are introduced by the local and international designers. Each designer want to surpass the other therefore every abaya is stitched in different styles and patterns embellished with fancy and shiny materials. Mostly the women like to wear the open abaya style because it is easy to put on and off….


Dubai Embroidered Abaya Designs 2016 New Collection

Fashionable Abaya Design

Things look more beautiful when you wrap them in beautiful covers same is the case with the abaya that covers your body and make your appearance effective and impressive. Your figure will not be prominent in such a loose and long length dress rather it protects you from the dirty evil eyes. Just by looking towards your abaya everyone will be able to know that you are a Muslim lady…


New Fancy Abaya Design Ideas for Glamorous Looking

Black and Red Elegant Abaya Style

Stylecenter gives you the huge collection of dazzling and fancy abaya designs so you look glamorous even in hijab. Abaya color and designs both reflect your personality and make you a graceful person. For example, if your complexion is fair then you must wear a dark black, gray and blue abaya to boost up your beauty otherwise light color abaya will suit well on you. It is also better to…


Fashionable Abaya Design Ideas to Meet the Style

Beautiful Abaya Color with Contrasted Hijab

Every glamorous personality and fashion designer recommends you to make your appearance attractive and impressive but how you can look magnificent in abaya which is a loose dress. Simply you need to select a fashionable abaya that shapes and covers your figure decently and appropriately. A beautiful and well-stitched abaya gives a glamorous and cozy look to your personality. It also shows that you are the lady who loves the…


Stunning Black Color Abaya Designs for Every Woman

Modern Black Color Abaya Design

Abaya is the name of a famous garment that the Muslim women wear to hide their physique. It has different shapes, designs and colors. The most popular color is the black color therefore, designers try to give a new and sophisticated look to the traditional abayas to make them stylistic and up to the demands of time. Some black color abayas are decorated with crystal stones, colorful thread works and…