40+ Glamorous Embroidered Wedding Saree Designs for Night Functions


Saree is a fashionable garment. It is the national dress of India. All Indian women love to wear the embroidered saree designs even this saree fashion  is also spreading in many other countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many other countries. Because in saree women look beautiful and if you wear the saree with some matching jewelry, shoes and hairstyles then the real charm of saree appear. Your sensuous…


30+ Exclusive Designer Bridal Sarees for Wedding


Saree is one of the most exclusive bridal dresses. It has the ability to make your personality more charming and attractive. Your sensuous beauty becomes more appealing in saree as compare to other dresses. You feel confident in saree and it is also easy to carry otherwise lehenga is so heavy and difficult to carry. This growing trend of sarees has persuaded the many designers to introduce new and glamorous…


Top 21 Heavy Work Bridal Sarees for Wedding

My aunt says “Heavy work dresses looks beautiful on bridals and married women”. I think she was right because whenever I go into a marriage ceremony I saw the bridals in heavy lehenga, sharara, gharara, frocks and sarees that are full with embroidery works, stone works, mirror works and tilla works. Actually this type of heavy work bridal dresses increase the beauty of the bridals and gives them a unique…


Top Wedding Saree Designs of the Year

Saree is an Indian dress code. From young to old every Indian woman wears the saree because saree shows their traditional and cultural heritage. Saree increases the sensuous beauty of the women of all ages but fashion changes and trends lead the many fashion designers to invent the gorgeous saree designs. There is a variety of saree designs and often the bridals become confused to select their saree of the…


Beautiful Indian Sarees for Bridals to have a Cute Look

Beautiful Indian Sarees for Bridals to have Cute Look

Saree is a very beautiful piece of cloth which gives a glamorous look to women. Basically it is an Indian dress but due to its uniqueness many non-Indian women also prefer to wear it. That’s why many new and stylish saree designs are introduced in the markets, from casual to ceremonial every type of sarees are there to fulfill the women’s fashion craze. But for marriage functions, you need to…


Latest Thread work Embroidered Abaya Dress Designs

Abaya is a special part of Islamic dressing therefore every lady prefers to wear the abaya for travelling and outdoor activities. The markets, shops, boutiques and fashion centers are full with a variety of embroidered abaya dress designs. Some abaya designs are in sheer black color while the others are in sharp colors which are perfect for weddings and parties. Although Stylecenter.info has shown you the pictures of beautiful abaya…