M & A Abaya Designs with Colorful Sleeves and Neckline Designs

M & A Stylish Abaya Designs with Stylish Sleeves

M & A is a UAE abaya design industry introduced in 2005. Every year it manufactured new and stylish abaya designs in which the base color is black adorned with colorful necklines and sleeves. Women often love to wear such abaya that has fitted sleeves because it helps them to work easily. So M & A abayas are especially focused on sleeve designing and let the women to feel comfort….


New Simple Abaya Designs for Decent Girls 2015-2016

Simple Abata Designs for Decent Girls

Every woman has her own fashion ideology but it is a fact that majority of women prefer to wear the decent clothes instead of sparkling or lashing fabrics. Most of the muslim women share the same fashion thought related to the abaya that it must be decent and up to the Islamic laws. No doubt, the core purpose of the abaya is to protect the women from disgusting thoughts or…


Slouchyz Latest Abaya Fashion 2016 for Modern Girls

Slouchyz Latest Abaya Fashion 2016

Maryam Selaich is the creative founder of Slouchyz abaya designs. She knows that women want style and beauty in every garment made for them that’s why she intends to produce the bespoke and luxurious abaya designs. Her abayas are the best abayas in the market for the girls who want to look unique and glamorous in the social gatherings. The most outstanding feature of Slouchyz abayas is that these abayas…


Slouchyz Special Collection of Evening Abaya Designs for Women

Slouchy’Z is termed as a house of art where modernity and modesty combines together and generate the exclusive abaya designs which are the dream of every modern and sophisticated lady. Maryam Selaich is the founder of Slouchy’Z abayas and eager to create the unique and top quality abaya designs. The most outstanding fabrics and embellished are used for manufacturing Slouchyz abayas. Women look glamorous wearing these abayas and can easily…


Al Motahajiba Abaya Designs for Modern Women

Graceful Almotahajiba Abaya Design for Women

Al Motahajiba is the name of a fashion designing industry developed in 1982. The remarkable collection of Jalabiyas and abayas make it more popular all around the world especially the Arabian women demand for Al Motahajiba abayas. The reason is very simple: the design of these abayas is very much fascinating and perfect for the working and household ladies. The stuff and style of these abayas is very comforting and…


Lamya Abedin Winter Abaya Designs for Modern Girls

Lamya Abedin Winter Abaya Design for Girls 2016

It is the desire of every woman to wear the nice and unique dress. If you are also one of them then you must select Lamya Abedin abaya because these abayas are not like the traditional abayas but the most fashionable and lavishing fabrics which give comfort and style to you. The creator of these abayas is Lamya Abedin who is full of zeal to introduce the ladies with style…