Lamya Abedin Winter Abaya Designs for Modern Girls

Lamya Abedin Winter Abaya Design for Girls 2016

It is the desire of every woman to wear the nice and unique dress. If you are also one of them then you must select Lamya Abedin abaya because these abayas are not like the traditional abayas but the most fashionable and lavishing fabrics which give comfort and style to you. The creator of these abayas is Lamya Abedin who is full of zeal to introduce the ladies with style…


The Most Stylish Lamya Abedin Abaya Designs for Modern Girls

Ball Lace Check Abaya Design

Lamya Abedin is one of those passionate designers who give the new shape to the traditional abayas. Her glorious journey of fashion designing was started in 2008 and now she has become the top abaya designer or also known as the founder of “Queen of Spades”. The reason is her passion and love to create something unique that inspire the ladies to wear such a piece of luxury that make…


Decent and Stylish Sutrah Abaya Designs for Girls

Blue Color Skirt Style Abaya with shiny hijab

Sutrah is the name of a famous abaya brand that presents its creative collection on Islamic boutique. Sutrah abaya is perfect for all girls who want to look decent and stylish at the same time. These abayas are stitched in a very nice and stylish ways that’s why every abaya design exceeds the other. Some abayas have the chunits on the sleeves, waist and top of the abaya. The nick…


Amazing Pictures of Donia Abaya Designs for Women

Every year many designers present the amazing collection of their abaya designs in the popular Islamic fashion show. Donia is one of the most famous Egyptian abaya designers; the main purpose of this abaya brand is to introduce the ladies with new and fascinating abaya designs. Each and every abaya is unique in its style, design and fabric but the top quality of Donia abaya designs is that these abaya…


Latest Collection of Dubai Designer Abaya Styles 2016

Trendy Abaya Design for Stylish Girls

Abaya is the part of the Islamic dress code. All the Muslim women prefer to wear the abaya for going outside. Even abaya is included in the bridal’s marriage dresses and also shown to other people as a cultural ritual. The reasons are numerous to count: firstly abaya protects you form the immoral or evil eyes, secondly your body figure will not be prominent in abaya, and thirdly you feel…


Stylish Abaya Designs for Women’s Beauty

Amazing White and Black Color Abaya Design

In Islamic countries abaya is essential for every woman therefore every year a variety of new and stylish abaya designs are introduced by the local and international designers. Each designer want to surpass the other therefore every abaya is stitched in different styles and patterns embellished with fancy and shiny materials. Mostly the women like to wear the open abaya style because it is easy to put on and off….