Tips for Creating Custom Business Cards

Business cards have been in use for many years. There are numerous benefits of having custom business cards for your organization. For example, they create a first and lasting impression of your business. 

Potential customers will form an opinion about your organization based on the content of your business cards. With a business card, a customer can contact you in future even if they forget about your company and its products.

Essential Components of a Custom Business Cards


The names are crucial in business cards and may include names for individuals, their job titles and organizations. Some people have a hard time when determining the ideal size and placement of names on business cards.


If you include a physical location in custom business cards, ensure that you also add a mailing address. You should also consider including a map for your business to help your clients to find you with ease whenever they need your goods and services. The map is only ideal for organizations with a physical location. 

Phone Numbers

If you have several phone numbers for different purposes, ensure that the direct line comes first. The numbers must be readable. One of the best ways of improving the readability of phone numbers on a business card is by separating characters using hyphens or periods. 

Your custom business cards should have a professional look. For example, there should be consistency with the design to be used. Also, take time to proofread the content on your business card. The information should be accurate. 

Website and Email Address

A website is an important marketing tool for any modern business. With a professionally-designed website, your customers can easily contact you and learn more about the operations and products of your business. 

Brick-and-mortar firms should also have an online presence. Many companies are also active on various social media platforms. Including social media links for your company on custom business cards helps in enhancing connections with customers. Your current email address should also be included in a business card. 

A Business Card Tagline

Businesses use taglines to describe the products and services that they offer. In this section of your custom business cards, you can include a list of your main products and services. 

QR Codes

It is an interactive feature in modern business cards. Customers can scan QR codes and be directed to your company website, visual elements, or landing pages that outline the products and services that your business offers. 

How To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Business Card

Other than the content on your custom business cards, there are other considerations that will influence their effectiveness. For example, the lettering of the cards is crucial. Typography is the lettering of your custom business cards, and it affects how readers interact with your card.

Another way to make your business card have a unique look is by designing an attractive logo. The logo has an aesthetic effect on the card and how customers feel about your business. Branding experts urge business owners to focus on creating strong and effective logos.

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